From within our hearts we decide what we love and hate... But it is from within our minds that we determine the why.


When I see a piece of art, I know in a matter of seconds how I feel about it. However, I am not completely sure of my reasoning for which I chose, until I lean in to examine each and every detail that has been purposefully — or even accidentally — placed into the composition.


It is that lean in that has inspired me to create art of my own. That quiet moment and intimacy; between a drawing, painting, film, piece of music, or photograph, and the viewer, that interests me more so than the art itself.

My philosophy when creating a piece of work is to make something that gives the viewer his or her own freedom of interpretation. Interacting with my photographs in whichever way their imaginations can lead them. Creating a physical, parallel dimension in the space between art and viewer where this relationship exists.

My work is never completed. It constantly evolves with whomever views it. With each new set of eyes a story is created. With each new perception a bond is formed. And with time this intimate relationship between art and viewer grows stronger. Ultimately, if you let it;  Reality, be it mine, or yours, will conquer in the "space" between my art... and you.

 A MAN ALONE Series 
 WON (ONE) Collection